Posted by: Susan | February 22, 2011

Max the Wonder Dog

This is Max. 

Most mornings the kids wake up and do this…….bond with Max.

He sleeps with April but lavishes his doggy love on everyone in the family.  I know you think he just lays around and eats Beggin Strips……

but he helps Sam.  You see when Sam is not moving around with the speed of a humming-bird or playing the Wii you can probably find him watching TV like this….

While he watches TV he either eats, turns pages of his Bible (notice the torn page) or sucks his thumb!!!

It is the same thing when we go out in the car.  He needs his Bible or magazine to turn the pages, his thumb to suck(yuck), or his mp3 player to listen to.  Enter Max the Wonder Dog.  Holding Max keeps him happy for the entire car trip.

If he has Max the Wonder Dog in his hands he is fine.  In fact he prefers Max to anything else.  Here he is keeping Sam company while he was watching for birds.  Sam was supposed to sit for 15 minutes counting birds for the Backyard Bird Count this weekend.  Sam and sitting still are not words that I usually write together.   Enter Max to keep him happy.

Thank you Max the Wonder Dog for helping Sam.  If only he could go to school with Sam we could call him Max the Therapy Dog.  You really deserve this Beggin Strip Max for all the hard work you do!



  1. For the record…Max really IS a wonder-ful dog!

  2. This is one of my favorite posts ever! MAX–nice work!

    • Since you know Max you can appreciate his many talents.

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