Posted by: Susan | February 24, 2011

Food choices

In the interest of teaching April independence we went grocery shopping and April picked out all her food for her breakfasts and lunches.  I was totally hands off.  She got her cart, I got mine, and we each went are own way.   When I saw her later in the store I noticed that she had a tub of chocolate fruit dip to go with her strawberries.   “April, you can just you Hershey syrup” I said.  “No Mom, I want this” she replied.  OK, I thought, I am teaching her independence.  At lunch she fixed herself fresh strawberries, chocolate fruit dip, lean pockets and a drink.  “You know April when you move out or get married you need to stretch your food money.  Fruit dip and lean pockets are expensive” I wisely said.  Her reply……“Sometimes I eat chocolate because chocolate is part of my life!”


Well said April.  Who can disagree with chocolate is a part of my life. When I was 22 I was eating canned asparagus soup and Coke for lunch.  At least she was eating fresh fruit!  Later that day…


“What are you doing April” I asked in amazement.  “I am talking to my boyfriend and I want to hear him in both ears!”  “Later that day…who wants to go to the post office with me?”


“Stop yawning Max.  I am not that boring am I?”

I am off to dip fresh fruit in April’s fruit dip.  Don’t tell her I took some of her food:)

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