Posted by: Susan | February 28, 2011

Sunday afternoon tea and more……

On Sunday afternoon I invited a friend for tea.  Doesn’t that sound like fun?  Here is the tea ready to be enjoyed.

I bet you are wondering why there is an iPod touch and an iPad on the table and who was coming for tea?

Andi my fabulous friend!

I also invited this guy because he provided the entertainment before we started our discussion on technology.

The Hunk and Andi


Andi, a former teacher of Sam’s, convinced her school to get an iPad to use in her classroom.  Thank you Sycamore school district!  Andi showed me all the wonderful apps she is using with her students.  It has been a huge help and she loves it.  Best of all the kids love it!  Where do I start.  Want to teach math, phonics, spelling, writing and just about anything in an exciting way?  There is an app for that.  Want to motivate the student and give them instant rewards?  Oh yes, many apps for that.  I love it because you can reward the student or your child with something besides food!!!  It is almost like having an extra teacher in the classroom.   Social stories, no problem.  Behavior modification, oh yes.  Speech therapy and handwriting can be done on these awesome tools.  At home its an easy way to practice what they have learned at school and to learn many new skills.  In the car they can read books on it, have books read to them or play games.  I got it to help Jake become more independent with his diabetes.  I have some fabulous apps that make counting carbs so much easier for him.  Now I see I can use this new technology to help my kids grow in independence.  Jim just watched us in amazement as we shared the apps we had downloaded.  I had an app Andi loved called Sit or Squat.  I am not making up that name.  It tells you where public restrooms are located from the location you are in right now.  How cool is that?  Jim was so impressed he told me to go buy an iPad to use with the kids.   I am actually taking a free class at the Apple store at the Kenwood Mall on Tuesday.  Perfect timing because the new iPad comes out on Weds.


Would you like to learn more about this new technology and how it can help your child?  If you live in the Cincinnati area plan on attending this conference  held on April 2, 2011……The iLearn Conference: iPad, iPod Touch & iPhone in the Real World. This conference is for parents, special and general ed teachers, therapists and agencies that support people with special needs.  There will be 3 tracks – pre-school, elementary through age 13, and high school through adults.   Do not miss this conference.  Tell everyone who works with your children about it too.

Andi told me that the kids in her classroom are considered the “cool kids” because at lunch they are the ones with the iPad playing Angry Birds.  Of course the other students want to come and see what they are doing.  Can you say inclusion with technology…yeah baby!

Where were my kids during tea time you might be wondering?  Unlike Elvis they had not left the building.

April was in her room writing.

Jake was on the computer playing games.

Sam was playing Wii.

On Sundays the technology is off until after quiet time.  Quiet time ended today at 3PM and none of the kids wanted to come to tea.  Sad, but I got over it real fast and enjoyed and hour of adult time.


  1. Thank you again Meyers family for a wonderful afternoon. As always, you brighten my day 🙂

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