Posted by: Susan | March 1, 2011

Sam I Am

Most morning I read to Sam during breakfast and then he does some school work for me.  Yes, this happens before school.  Today he needed to practice his spelling words and surprise he didn’t want to.

I was giving him a pre-test to see what he knew when suddenly I thought…get the iPod Touch and let him do the words on the Glow Coloring app.  He had never used it before because it is his brother’s.   He loved writing his words on the Touch!  I could choose from 36 colors for him to write with using his finger.  I showed him how to delete each word and after 2 times he had it. This technology is so easy to use.  Here is the book I read to him and his name on Glow Coloring.

He loved it so much that I tapped the app for a free book I had put on the touch called Mabel&Lulu.  I checked the “read to me” feature and listened to him laugh and watched him slide his finger across the bottom of the page to turn it.  He could also tap on pictures and they would do something …the dog chases a bird, dances, drags his owner around.

After the story he picked up the Touch, looked through the apps and selected Angry Birds to play.  I didn’t have to show him how to do it.  If you can tap with your finger, find the home button, volume and on/off button you can use the Touch.  “Time for school Sam”.


After Sam left I quickly checked on of my favorite blogs…

I discovered that tomorrow is Read Across America Day and the birthday of Dr. Seuss.  Before you say my kid is too old for that let me share with you that Sam’s science teacher(8th grade regular classroom) read the Dr. Seuss book The Lorax to his students and they watched the Lorax movie.  Why…because the book is about saving trees!  I am off to the library to get some books by the good ole Cat in the Hat guy.  I will also download an app for one of his books on our new favorite teaching tool.

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