Posted by: Susan | March 3, 2011

A walk in the park.

Today was a beautiful day and  Jake had an early release from school.  It was just the three of us at home so off we went to the park.

Jake saw this sign and started looking for the cat.  He also wanted to call the number until I explained you call after you find the cat.  “Here kitty kitty.”

Jake likes to power swing and practice his dismounts.

Nailed the dismount Jake!


Jake’s turn to walk Max while I look for signs of Spring.

Can you tell by his face that he was in a grumpy mood?

Enough signs of Spring for these two.  They are ready to get moving.  Jake went home a different way and left me with Max.

I am used to the kids leaving me in their dust.  He beat me home by 10 minutes and I found him doing this…

You can remove the boy from the Wii but you can’t remove the Wii from the boy….or however that saying goes.

I am off to look for signs of Spring.

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