Posted by: Susan | March 8, 2011

Sam alert!

Every once in a while the stars align and great things happen.  I opened up a pocket in Sam’s backpack that I never do and found this!

OK, so maybe that note was in his backpack for over 2 weeks.  Does that really make me a lousy parent(yes)? Look at that concentration and focus.  His self-portrait was chosen to be displayed at the school-wide art show.  Oh yes, I am one proud bragging  mom!                                                           

The kids practice for their swim team on Saturday at the high school, the same place as the Art Show and Pancake Breakfast.  When we got there Sam immediately saw a friend.

Here is how many people were in the Commons.

We entered the gym to start the search for his portrait.  We first found these 2 pieces.  The super large one is a mosaic of the Jr. High principal…impressive.

Where is Sam’s artwork?








Getting closer………









I love the colors and the creativity and the focus and determination it took Sam to do this wonderful picture.  It will be hanging in our family room soon.  Remember it’s all about how you see yourself.  Pink hair with a green and purple shirt…Perfect.


Then it was off to see the rest of the show.  We kept seeing the kid’s friends.  I love it when we go out in our community.



BTW I loved the art below.  I have a perfect place for it next to that Ikea lamp I wrote about yesterday.

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