Posted by: Susan | March 14, 2011

A Perfect Night

Here is my darling grandson Henry and yes that is a recent award he received.  I know I am bragging.

Here are his two uncles, Jacob and Sam, carrying the groceries I bought at my favorite store.

Most of the time Henry doesn’t get along with Uncle Sam…..

But tonight was the perfect night.  It worked because…………

  • Henry’s younger brother, mom and dad stayed home and only Henry came for dinner.
  • The Hunk wasn’t here so Sam wasn’t jealous of the attention Jim gives grandson Henry.
  • The 3 boys were on a mission to play Harry Potter on the Wii.
  • I gave Henry double chocolate syrup on his ice cream because I am MiMi (grandma) and I can:)

So here is the back story.  Jack, baby brother almost 3, is potty training.  He is yelling at the top of his lungs, “I don’t want to” every time he is put on the potty.  Our house sounds pretty good to Henry tonight.  What follows is team work in pictures!

The boys are working together to get to the next level.  Each one adds a skill and they are awesome at the game.

I am hearing things like “good job Sam, Oh sorry Henry, yes you can get out of that!”  Coordination, strategy and cooperation are necessary in this game and I am loving it.  I don’t want to push the envelope too far and break the niceness we have going on here tonight.  Oops, too late they are back to bickering.  That’s OK because we had over an hour of getting along.  Like I said…a perfect night.


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