Posted by: Susan | March 15, 2011

“Who’s crying now Daddy?” April’s take on The Bachelor finale.

April’s favorite show is The Bachelor.  She never misses an episode and I will watch it occasionally  with her.  Jim has seen it enough to know who the last 2 women standing are.  Here is our typical Monday evening.

  • Bowling…4:30 p.m.
  • Dinner…6:00 either we all go out with friends or April goes and the boys and I eat at home with the Hunk.
  • The Bachelor…8:00 if the boys are watching TV too bad they have to relinquish the set NOW!

Jim insisted that Chantal would be Brad’s pick.  Of course he and April were back and forth bugging each other because she thought it would be Emily! This banter had been going on all week.  After we got the boys to bed I went upstairs, put on my jammies, got in bed and watched that darn show.  Jim joined me and April stayed downstairs. I usually fall asleep during the show and last night was no different.  I did wake up in time to see Brad give Chantal the boot.  Just after that happened a voice with an attitude called up the stairs, “Who’s crying now Daddy?” I laughed so hard I woke myself up and was able to watch the rest of the show and the follow-up After the Rose show too.

Is anyone else wondering why they don’t give a tissue to the poor women who don’t make it?  Do you sign a contract that says if you lose you have to let the tears pour down your face and neck with nary a tissue in sight?


Just for the record my favorite TV show is Masterpiece Theater and I only watch reality TV to discuss things with my daughter:)!

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