Posted by: Susan | March 23, 2011

Bloodless Monday

On Monday we were here bright and early.  April would be the first appointment of the day.

Oh yes, April was going to give blood again.  She had even worked it out so she would have the day off from her job at Kmart!  Here she is checking in with this darling receptionist.

She got her paper work and filled it out here…..

When she is done with the paper work she is taken to a consultation room where they prick her finger and check her blood before she gives the donation.  But wait, what is this?  Here comes April with tears in her eyes and a brochure and sticker in her hand.

Oh no, she had been deferred!!!!!!!  Her iron level was too low.  Did she understand what this meant.  No!  She managed to keep it together until she got into the car.  She had planned her whole day around giving blood.  What’s a mother to do?  I read her the entire brochure and then talked about it so she would understand it.  “You can give blood again April after your iron level comes back up.  Here see this?  This is what you can eat to help bring it up….beef, turkey, liver, green vegetables and raisins.  Does that make you feel better honey?”  Here was here reply…

That means…get out of my face, don’t take my picture and I don’t care what that brochure says.  Meanwhile I am thinking raisins.  I know where to get raisins quickly.

I had to pass on these goodies because I was looking for the health food section of this store.  Here it is…

That’s what I’m talking about.  Quick put those healthy raisins in a box so April can start raisin raising her iron level.

I went home quickly and gave her those iron filled goodies with a multiple vitamin and a glass of milk.  She will give blood again in about a month.

In keeping with my crazy about Spring theme I made this.  Yes, that is my bowl of linguini even though you must think it came off some fancy blog site.

It’s called Luscious Linguini with Spring Vegetables and you can find the recipe over at Three Many Cooks.  Next time I will sprinkle raisins on it:)

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