Posted by: Susan | March 24, 2011

Shall we dance?

We are fortunate to have some teachers that have become our good friends.  One of these teachers is Ms. E who joined us last week for dinner and dancing.  She also gave the boys a ride to dance class in her cool new car.  I drove Old Reliable, my 1997 Honda van.

These two could win a dancing contest based on looks and personality alone.  I love Ms. E because she ‘gets’ Sam.  She called today to discuss some things with me.  His class is going to be doing some cooking and they were brainstorming on what they could make.  One person suggested scrambled eggs but a student raised his hand and said he was allergic to eggs.  Sam then raised his hand and said, “I am allergic to wheat and have Celiac disease!”  I would have never known that if Ms. E hadn’t shared that story.  I am so proud of Sam for adding that to the discussion.  The class came up with several menu ideas and fabulous Ms. E will buy gluten-free food for Sam to make.

And of course this post needs some pictures of April and Jake.  Have a fabulous day and don’t forget to dance….with your kids or by yourself!






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