Posted by: Susan | March 28, 2011

Big brother’s visit

Big brother came for a visit and brought his girlfriend!

The Hunk and Derek

For some reason April was having a hard time accepting the fact that Derek actually wanted to bring someone home to meet the family.  I don’t know if she was jealous or just being over protective.  She told me she didn’t want him to get married before she did.  He hasn’t even mentioned getting married.  We were afraid that she would be unkind to his girlfriend Liz.  They arrived Friday evening and April was at an overnight.  When she got home on Saturday she immediately told Liz she needed to talk to her.

No one else was invited into this conversation.  We were to leave them alone!  Good luck Liz.

While this woman to woman conversation was going on  Derek took me for a ride in his cute little Scion.  Old Reliable is on her last leg and I am looking to update.

When we got back they were still talking but the good news was that no one was crying.  Liz answered all April’s questions and passed the acceptance test.

Sam and Jake thought she was perfect the moment she walked in the door.

After a quick walk to the park we took Derek and Liz to Blue Ash Chili where they dined on our local speciality….a 6 way- chili, beans, onions, cheese, spaghetti, and jalapeno poppers.

Welcome to Cincinnati Liz.  We all think you are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. AND we like your scarf!

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