Posted by: Susan | March 29, 2011

Where we went for Spring Break.

Everyone around us seems to have big plans for spring break.  Some neighbors went to Cancun, some to Amish country and some to Washington DC.  We went here.

Is that an entrance to some fabulous amusement park?  No for our spring break we went to Target!  Say what?  That’s right we went to Target where Jake could spend a gift card he has had for 3 weeks.  I promised we would go over the break and he could buy the new Mario Brothers wii game.  First we stopped by the boy’s department where I told Sam to pick out any shorts he wanted.  He didn’t want to do it so next I told him to pick out some t-shirts.  Jake found one that looked like it had a picture of Usher on it and he liked that.  Lots of looking for purple t-shirts because that is Justin Beiber’s favorite color!  On to the electronics department.  The boys were in heaven.  Just like being on vacation.

Here are some more fun things we did on vacation.

Who knew that this Hot Wheel arcade game display game was available.  After 10 minutes I had to tell the boys to stop because they were getting a little rough and I didn’t want to be thrown out of the park.  Next it was on to hear a show.  No waiting in a long line for us.  We were first and they got to pick out and listen to the music.

No you may not buy anymore gifts at the gift shop!!!!!!

I used my little plastic card, just like on vacation, to check out.  On the way out I bought a yummy cup of  Starbucks coffee.  I love going on vacation.


Tomorrow:  Blood and monsters!


  1. haha….how fun. We went right in front of the TV to watch Dancing with the Stars!

  2. A PERFECT staycation! You got to sleep in your own beds, no jet lag or sunburns, and $pent FAR le$$ than if you’d traveled far, far away. Sometimes home is the best place to stay!!!

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