Posted by: Susan | March 31, 2011

Spring break….blood and monsters

In keeping with my theme of having fun on spring break I scheduled a physical for Sam.  He will be 14 next week and needed a check-up, two camp forms filled out and his yearly thyroid test.  You are doing a yearly thyroid test for your kids with DS, right?  Both boys have hypothyroidism and take daily medication.  I digress.  When we got to the doctor Sam was afraid he was going to have a mole removed and get stitches.   Hmmm, his dad had done that a few months ago so that must have been where that came from.  I assured him no mole removal and no shots.  I didn’t mention the blood test because that is all he would have been talking about.  A quick 20 minutes at the doctor’s office, amazing I know, and we were off to the lab located right next door.  Now I told him about the blood test.  Fortunately for me the lab tech was very pretty (Sam likes the ladies) and really engaged Sam in conversation.  After it was all over the tech showed the boys what the blood looks like after it is spun in one of those machines sitting around labs.  She explained about red blood cells and serum.  This was the educational part of our spring break.

Later that evening it was on to the monster part of our day.

The entire inside of this place was dark lit by black lights and the light from all the games!

They shot hoops.

They shot robots and…

they played Monster mini golf!

Because this was a Starfire outing I didn’t stay.  This wonderful woman Mandy and another lovely volunteer stayed and had fun with my guys.  Sam and Jake couldn’t wait for me to leave.

Where should I go while the boys are at that awesome place?  I don’t have enough time to go home so I will just bite the bullet and hang out at Ikea, have dinner, and look around until it is time to pick them up.  Poor me.

I really don’t think the folks at Ikea cared that I used their Easter Buffet display to take a picture of my dinner which BTW was on special for $2.49!


I love spring break!


  1. Ikea for Spring Break…sounds like HEAVEN to me!

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