Posted by: Susan | April 5, 2011

Zoo me.

I didn’t care that Thursday was cold and windy.  This was spring break and we were going to have fun!!!!!  Zip up your coats, put on your gloves and let’s go.  OK, my zoo membership expired on Friday and I was going to go for the last day of my membership.  I loaded my two complaining happy boys into Old Reliable and we were off.

The fun starts here!

Jake posing like a bird.

Hawk encounter

Bird poop encounter

Train ride where Sam sat in the front and Jake at the very end of the train.  Notice not many people on the train because it was too cold!

In here, the oldest zoo building in the US, to get warm.

Alligator encounter from afar.

Alligator encounter close up.

Making a poster to send to dad.


WARNING: the next part of this post is not for people with a weak stomach.  No graphic pictures were taken.  Stop reading now is you get queasy easy.  The boys favorite exhibit is the Nocturnal House and their favorite thing to watch is……………vampire bats.  I usually don’t go into the Nocturnal House because I get claustrophobic and it is dark and winding inside.  Surprise, because it was so cold invigorating there was no one else there.  As we went inside they said, “Look Mom they are drinking blood.”  That’s right, two dishes filled to the brim with blood.  We watched them swoop in and lap it up….disgusting!

Here is another fun ride that the boys love to get on…the escalator going down to the exit.

Notice Jake is doing his one-footed bird pose again and Sam is jumping off the last 3 steps at the bottom.  Do not attempt this at your local mall.

Sam still can’t get up on the rhino and had to settle for this.

Jake did much better.

sort of.

Yes, we had a fabulous time at the zoo despite the cold brisk weather!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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