Posted by: Susan | April 6, 2011

Girl’s day out at the Cincinnati Art Museum

This is April’s birthday week.  She has been talking about the big day for months and Saturday is the big day.  She has invited her other mother and om’s husband to her party.

She has invited our next door neighbors.  She sent an e-vite out via Facebook and is daily putting up a birtday picture and asking people to send birthday messages to her.  Nothing can deter her from playing up her 23rd birthday.  If she had her way we would blow right past Sam’s birthday on Friday.  So for birthday week we went here…

First we had lunch in the museum’s lovely Cafe.I chose this girly sandwich which was grilled portabella mushrooms, roasted red pepper and mozzarella cheese on focaccia bread.

Miro mural

Fountain Square in Cincinnati

My favorite whimsical painting.

Loved this wrought iron door.

I want this for my family room but my ceilings needs to be 3 feet higher!

Up the stairs to the exhibit.  I had to take the last picture quickly because NO pictures are allowed of the special exhibits.  Are you thinking the Circus Poster exhibit might be boring?  It was fabulous with posters, films, hands on activities and a beautiful Mother Goose pony wagon.  Take your kids or take your hubby or take your BFF but don’t miss it.

“Hey April, do you know who that is a statue of?” I asked.  Without hesitation she answered, “Paul Revere”.  I knew there was a reason I read the picture book, The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere, five times to her.

I really wanted to buy this guy in the gift shop for me!  My kids are so over stuffed animals but I’m not.  I decided not to spend $32.

Guess where we went next?

Here is another clue.  Funny that they have my life’s mission statement on that sign.

While I was buying 2 pieces of the world’s best carrot cake and one piece or Opera Cream cake April was looking at this….

Here is her favorite one.

Do you think this cake is part of the Biggest Loser diet plan?  Here I prove that you can have your cake and eat it too.


  1. Greetings from the Cincinnati Art Museum! We are so pleased that April chose the Art Museum as the place to visit for her birthday week. A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to April and we are so happy you enjoyed the Art Museum and the Circus Poster exhibition.

    Emily Holtrop – Director of Learning & Interpretation

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