Posted by: Susan | April 7, 2011

Movie Making Time

Jacob has diabetes.  In an effort to keep him from sneaking food Mark Brown, an Education Support Specialist at Cite Services –, and I came up with the idea of making a movie starring Jake.  We wrote the script together and it stars Jake as a power ranger fighting off ‘evil high blood sugar’.Power ranger Jake kicking ‘evil high blood sugar’s’ butt.

Pretending to be unconscious after sneaking a sugary snack and not telling anyone.

Saying no thank you to the offer of a donut and wrapping it up for later when he has insulin.


I have seen a rough cut and it is great.  Mark will add voice overs, cute captions, music and power ranger like pictures.  When done it will be put on his iPod  and iPod Touch for him to watch and to show to his friends.  Hopefully by watching it over and over he will stop sneaking and taking food when it is offered without telling me or the nurse at school.


Do you think we will be invited to the Sundance Film Festival next year? I will keep you posted.



  1. What a WONDERFUL idea! Thanks for sharing!!

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