Posted by: Susan | April 12, 2011

Fountain Square

A Tale of 2 Birthday…Part 2 is on hold until Weds.  You see I am way to tired after bowling and dinner with friends and homework to be thoughtful and reflective on my post.  Instead I will show you our fabulous fountain in downtown Cincinnati.   Here is a painting from the Cincinnati Art Museum.

On Sunday we traveled downtown to see the real thing and view an art exhibit made from recycled materials.

When the wind blows you get a wonderful spray from the fountain.  My kids are in the splash zone.

This is a whale….no really it is.  Notice the ice cream store in the background.  Yes, we visited there too.

Jake loved this.

The Tortoise

and the Hare.  See how excited Sam is about the exhibit?

I tried to convince Jim that this would look fabulous in the corner of our dining room.

Now I know what to do with my old computers I don’t want to put in a landfill.


Fountain Square

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