Posted by: Susan | April 13, 2011

A Tale of Two Birthdays…Part 2

Twenty-three years ago my life was changed when April was born.  The delivery room got very quiet.  I was quickly shown my baby girl and then she was whisked away.  Later in recovery I had to keep asking for my baby and was told that something was wrong with her.  I just knew that it was Down syndrome before they told me and strangely enough I wasn’t shocked or devastated.  It’s not that I was devoid of feelings it was that I felt numb.  After this initial feeling wore off I felt energized and ready to fight the world to get whatever I needed to help our April Joy.  Look at my baby now!This is a young woman who knows what she wants in life.  She wants it all…..job, boyfriend and independence.  Her birth took us on a journey we never would have chosen but we are so glad that we are on that journey.  Her birth changed everyone in the family including Jim and her older siblings.  Because of April I am more outspoken, have more courage and have made so many friends traveling down this road.

Because of April I have learned a whole new language consisting of acronyms like…IEP, 504, DDS, MH, SLP, OT, and PT.

Because of April I learned to think outside the box.  Heck, I just threw the box away!

Because of April life has been full of surprises.  Who knew she would change the way I thought about everything  including adopting a child children with special needs.

April has taught me about priorities and possibilities.  Happy Birthday you amazing woman!

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