Posted by: Susan | April 14, 2011


Tuesday night I had to decide whether to attend a wonderful informational fair held at our high school for families that have students with disabilities and will be transitioning out of high school or attend a concert.   The fair is held every 2 years and I really wanted to go since Jake finishes high school next year.   I chose to go to the musical Bugz instead.  Why you might ask?


A first grade concert

will never be repeated!

Best concert ever!  Notice what the audience is doing.

See the fabulous guy fourth from the right with a brown shirt and a garlic necklace?  He is the reason for my choice.  Who can say no to a grandson who plays the “stink bug” in school concert?  He had lines.  He was the underdog.  He had to cry on cue……..

Henry where is your garlic necklace?  I think the teacher took it home to cook with that garlic.  I would have because those bulbs were huge.

Way to go Henry.  You were a perfect stink bug and I made a great choice by attending your one and only first grade concert.

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