Posted by: Susan | April 18, 2011

Ch, ch, ch, changes…dating and Down syndrome.

Yes, April has a boyfriend.  She has been dating her boyfriend for 4 + years.  Here is what some of their dates look like.

Watching a movie at home with

her annoying brothers and his sister.   Or…

going out with the…..

family!  Or…

going to a chaperoned dance.

But on Friday night they went on a datealone.  No siblings, no parents, no friends, no chaperone went with them.  I dropped them off at a restaurant located right next to the movie theater.  It was dinner and a movie for these two and let me just add again that they were…alone.  They ordered, enjoyed and paid for dinner by themselves.  They bought the tickets and watched the movies by themselves.  When it was all over April called us for a ride home. Here is the only picture I took of them.  I turned around and snapped this before I dropped them off on their “alone and loving it” date!

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