Posted by: Susan | April 20, 2011


The Hunk picked April up from work yesterday and told her that we had something to talk to her about.  She was very concerned.

While she was at work we got a call from Starfire U saying that she had been accepted.  I wanted to see the reaction on her face when she got the news so that’s  why Jim waited and told her when they got home.

Wait for it!

Oh happy day!

And here she enjoying the moment!  She starts Starfire U in July.  Don’t worry Kmart shoppers she will still be working at her part-time job.  Life is soooooooooooo… good.

“Starfire U is a one of a kind program, designed for young people with disabilities to continue their social and personal development beyond high school.

The Starfire U curriculum includes communication, safety, transportation, health, citizenship, technology and volunteering. The knowledge and experience gained in the program helps people to become integral parts of their community.”


  1. Congrats to April!

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