Posted by: Susan | April 21, 2011


I am the kind of person that gets tears in my eyes every time I sing The Star Spangled Banner.  Saturday was not exception.  My 3 kids are on a Special Olympics swim team and it was the day of the big meet.  First we checked in and…greeted team mates

discovered that some of the volunteers were friends from Jake’s Youth Group at church and

marched in the Parade of Athletes.

Next the athletes recited the Special Olympics oath

followed by the singing of The Star Spangled Banner.  The tears fell freely down my cheeks!

Here are just a few of the many, many volunteers.

Jake and Sam spot a volunteer they know in the crowd and Sam..

found Bob to give him a hug.

Then on to the swimming and medals .

Perhaps you are wondering…what about inclusion?  All of my kids have been included on teams with typical peers.  In addition April was the manager of the volley ball team at her high school in Florida.  We do both kinds of teams but I have to admit that I enjoy going to the Special Olympics the most because you cheer for every athlete and celebrate each person’s success no matter which team they are on.

Another wonderful swim meet.  Thank you to the fabulous staff at our Special Olympics office, Princeton High School, coaches and all the awesome volunteers!


  1. Thank you for the great story and pictures about the HCSO Swim Meet. Our swim meet continues to grow and the athletes continue to reach higher goals – swimming 50’s and better and doing new strokes instead of just the Free and Back. Congrats to all swimmers. And thank you to the parents for their continued support!
    I do have to tell you that SO is inclusive – we have Unified Relays (2 Special Olympians and 2 peer partners). We will have to talk with Coach Knodle to see how the team can have some Unified Relays next year!

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