Posted by: Susan | April 26, 2011

Inclusion works…”We never expected that they would be our friends”

Getting your child in a regular classroom might be a lot of work.  The work doesn’t stop once they are included in a regular classroom but continues through the entire year and can be exhausting trying to make sure everything is modified for your child.  It is so worth all your effort.  Here is a book written by 3 girls in Jake’s 5th grade classroom (he is now a junior in high school).  They even said in the Forward, “We never expected that they would be our friends but now we are writing about them.”   These girls, Jesse, Sarah and Jasmine, had never been in a class with a child that had a disability.  They wrote this book towards the end of the school year after they had become good friends with Jake.  Being with Jake on a daily basis changed the way they thought about kids with disabilities.  I was amazed at all the time and effort that went into the writing and illustrating of this book.  You can only imagine how touched I  was when they presented the book to our family. I have posted part of the book here.  Read on and enjoy.

They even included Max.

Sam’s cowboy boots that he wore daily.

The author’s notes say it the best. Click on the above picture to see what each girl said.  The book was the icing on the cake.  The best part was the friendships that were made that year.  Jesse lived in our neighborhood and invited Jake to play at her house!  Even after we moved to Ohio Jesse and Jake remained pen pals and she and her mom came to visit us one summer when they were in Ohio.

Getting your child included in a regular classroom can be challenging but who knows what will happen because of it…


  1. What a GREAT book! If some guy had kissed me on my shoulder on the first day of school, I would’ve said, “Me & that guy are gonna be GOOD friends!” What is wrong with that girl? 🙂

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