Posted by: Susan | April 28, 2011

Focus Sam focus

These words are heard around our house frequently….focus Sam.  Do they really help him focus?  Probably not.  I notice that he can focus when he is doing this

or this.

He has a hard time focusing for school work especially reading unless he enjoys the books…like these

Easter was approaching and I wanted to find something, anything, to put in his Easter Bag.  He can’t eat anything with gluten in it.  He doesn’t like candy and really doesn’t play with toys.  What’s a mother to do?  I bought him a box of Crystal Light Lemonade ‘drink mix on the Go’ to add to his water bottle after dance class.  See, I was really grasping at straws.  Then I threw in a small Lego kit thinking if Sam hated it I would give it to Jake.

He loved the Legos and was able to follow the visual directions.  He put all 19 little pieces together by himself!

Look at that focus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That Lego wizard guy was the key to  finding something my Sammy boy enjoys doing.  Mama’s gonna buy some more of those little Lego boxes.  I knew it was a hit when he wanted to take the finished Lego set to school to show his friends.  You focus go Sam.

BTW, that is his breakfast grilled cheese rice bread sandwich not to be confused with his lunch grilled cheese rice bread sandwich.

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