Posted by: Susan | May 2, 2011

Bowling with my buddies.

Nikki and Sam

On Friday my boys took part in ‘Bowling with my Buddies’.  Nikki, a typical student at the high school, came up with the idea of putting together teams of kids with and with out disabilities.Twenty-one high school students volunteered to be teams with our kids.    Everyone had a blast…

  When I asked her what made her get involve she told me that during her freshman year a student with special needs said hi to her in the hall.  Just his simple greeting got her thinking about the students with special needs in the high school.  She started volunteering and helping in various ways for the remainder of her time at high school.  She graduates in May and is going to college to become a teacher that specializes in….special needs.  It’s amazing how a having our kids included in their neighborhood schools impacts other students.

Sam’s class from the Jr. High was invited too.  A great morning of bowling and pizza and just hanging out with friends.  Thanks Nikki for your great idea!

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