Posted by: Susan | May 4, 2011

Jaws of life.

On Saturday my super baby-sitter Liz took the kids to see a safety fair at a local fire station.  I had heard about it over the loud-speaker at Sam’s school while I was doing my favorite volunteer work…shelving library books.  What’s not to love about watching firemen tear the top off of a car.  April even knew one of the firemen.  She had gone to high school with him!Jake and Sam waiting for the “show” to begin.  I am sure they were longing to use the Jaws which look like saws!

First break out all the windows.

Next saw the heck out of that car.

Then pose for a picture with your newly highlighted hair.

Finally remove the roof!

After the demonstration they asked if there were any questions.  April asked what should you do if you are inside the car when they need to use the jaws.  The answer….sit perfectly still.

Free food, bands playing and lots of free give-aways.  My kids out and about in the community and loving it.

Life lesson:  Sometimes in life you will be in a very hard situation in which you have no control over so sit perfectly still and let others help you!


  1. I love it!! 🙂 So true!

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