Posted by: Susan | May 24, 2011

April and Captain Jack Sparrow

April loves Captain Jack(Johnny Depp) and all the movies he has made about Pirates of the Caribbean.  So when the 10th 4th movie came out of course she had to go.  Let me back pedal a little to tell you about our trip to Disney last year.  We had to go on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride 3 times because of Captain Jack.  She has the latest poster of the movie in her room and  I have no idea where she got it.  Probably on a ‘walk about’ in Blue Ash. She had to go to the movie the day it came out.  She worked that day and we made plans to meet her boyfriend at the theater for a 5 o’clock showing.  I was anticipating long lines but April and Jake were the only 2 in the theater and they got in for the matinée price!

My life is getting so much easier.  I just stop, drop off the kids and roll on out of the parking lot.

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