Posted by: Susan | May 25, 2011

Breakfst at Tiffany’s

I am writing this post for those of you who wonder what I do with my spare time.  In my spare time I have breakfast at Tiffany’s Holmes Elementary School.  On Tuesday I attended a lovely grandparent breakfast.  Yes, I have 2 grandkids and still have 3 of my own children at home!

I realized after I saw this picture with my adorable grandson how I could benefit by having plastic surgery on my eyelids and neck.  I am going to get it done as soon as we have the crack fixed in the basement wall, redo the master bath and replace my car.  Here is the delicious breakfast theat was served.

Henry is a little camera shy but I did get him to look at the camera when I took a picture with his best friend.

The school had wisely scheduled their book fair to coincide with the breakfast so off we  went.  Let’s buy you 2 Star Wars books Henry.  Who can say no to a grandchild?

On to view the art work he had drawn for this special day.  I was getting excited when I saw that the kids were drawing pictures of their grandparents and what they loved about them.

Wait a minute I am not even listed on his special art work.  It’s all about Gramps and how he takes him to Skyline Chili……..

So that’s what I do when I am not trying to figure out how to improve the lives of my kids.  They appreciate me about as much as Henry does. 

Since this blog is supposed to be about down syndrome here is a picture of Jake who is not camera-shy and was doing this pose to annoy me and April.

Tomorrow I might blog about how exciting it was when April got her teeth cleaned today.  By now you must be very jealous of my wild life style here in southern Ohio:)

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