Posted by: Susan | May 26, 2011

Counting down.

There are only 6 days of school left so we are in the get it all done mode.  Sam has an 8th grade picnic/pool party Friday and dance/fun night that evening.  Jake has high school exams starting up after Memorial Day.  The Hunk will be speaking at 4 different places about Memorial Day.  He will even be in a parade!  Today was the last Partner’s Club at the Jr. High.

Stop showing off your abs Sam!

Jake was there because I went to help out a little bit.  Games were played.


After the games came the food, indoor games and the last group pictures of the year.   In the first picture they were supposed to look their best followed by a crazy picture.

OK, maybe I got the two group pictures mixed up.  I am not thinking straight because there are only 6 more days of school left.  I am dreaming of our perfect summer of swimming and daily reading and idyllic picnics and no fighting.  I will continue to dream while I live the reality of my life which is nothing like that.

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