Posted by: Susan | May 29, 2011

Memorial Day…Remember them!

We have taught all 6 kids about Memorial Day.  We talk about it, read about it, attend ceremonies about it, and go to parades.  One of our sons is an active duty Marine and many family members have served in the military.  Yesterday we went to Spring Grove Cemetery to remember our friend Scott Morrison who died in Afghanistan.

We found Scott’s grave.

Decorated it with flags.

After April wiped off the marker we prayed and sang.  We talked about Scott and what a great person he was.  We remembered him as a friend and as a soldier.

Next we went to see the replica of the Vietnam Wall Memorial on display at Spring Grove Cemetery.  Jim served in Vietnam and has never been able to bring himself to view the memorial before even though we lived near DC.  There are 21 names on the wall of men that Jim served with.  I knew many of the names because Jim has remembered them all these years and told me about them. 

After Jacob viewed the wall he came up to his dad and said, “Sorry about your friends Dad.”  He got it.  He realized the sacrifice these men had made.  We viewed the rest of the site which included a wall of presidents, explanations about various wars and a wall on the current war with bronze medallions representing the soldiers who had given their lives.  We found Scott’s medallion and just like her dad April rubbed her finger over Scott’s name and remembered.


Back at home we have a picture of my Uncle Ernie, a Marine killed during WWII, on the hall table.  I never met my uncle because he died before I was born.  Every summer we drove to Connecticut to visit my grandparents and my grandfather would show us his picture, his medals and tell us about him.  Hearing about him made a big impact on me as a child.  Now I tell our children about him.


Some things you can do to teach your kids with down syndrome about Memorial Day


1.  Explain what that parade is all about.  It is totally different from a Veteran’s Day or 4th of July parade.

2. Point out all the flags flying.  Explain why on Memorial Day they fly at half-mast.

3.  As weird as this sounds drive through a cemetery on Memorial Day and point out the flags on the graves and explain what they mean.

4.  We watch the Memorial Day concert on the PBS channel Sunday night.

5.  If you live in Cincinnati the Vietnam Wall will be on display at Spring Grove Cemetery until Monday night at 8 PM.

6.  Show the kids any pictures in the paper about Memorial day. 

 “A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.

 Remember them.



  1. Thanks, Susan!

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