Posted by: Susan | June 6, 2011

Memorial Day Parade 2011

We live in a small town and I love it.  We are able to walk to the Memorial Day parade and we go to the same spot every year and sit with our neighbors.  Because April takes soooooooooooo long to get ready I sent Jake and Sam ahead to get a spot.  This is going to be the summer of more independence.

There were bands,clowns, politicians, therapy dogs, cool cars and military marching groups.The clown stopped and took April’s chair.  I am sure she told him she doesn’t like clowns!Clowns are drawn to us…And of course we had neighbors in the parade.Gracie with her broken foot with mom pulling wagon.Our neighbor John running for town council.Our neighbor Clayton who was tossing a package of goetta he had won back to his wife.  Goetta is a Cincinnati sausage thing I can’t even explain.  We had a great day hanging with our neighbors at the parade.  This is the first full day off from school and I am trying to get into a routine of having everyone home all day!  So far I am not doing a very good job of making this work.  I am going to sit down with a margarita and make a plan for the rest of the week.  Rest assured I did not write this post right after breakfast………………….

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