Posted by: Susan | June 7, 2011

We snuck away to…..

Sam had one day left of school so I just took April and Jake.  Sam hates to ride the big coasters, so do I, so it was a perfect day to go.  Because we have season passes we got in the park early to ride ‘Diamondback’. 

No way am I going on that thing.  April went 3 times and Jake only twice.  Onward…

Because it was early and overcast the lines were very short.  I wanted to go on 3 things.

This is my speed!  Here is another exciting ride I went on.

I didn’t even get dizzy.  Then it was on to the Eiffel Tower.  Yes we have an Eiffel Tower in Cincinnati.  I have mentioned before that we have everything here.

The ride to the top was not to be because Jacob informed me that he is afraid of heights.  The same guy that is riding roller coasters is afraid of heights.  It must be because once we get to the top we have to walk around the observation deck.  I did what any smart mother would do.  I got coffee and waited while my guys rode more coasters.

The sun came out and the crowds came in.   I took pictures, the kids rode another ride, hugged a friend on the way out of the park and we left!  Total time inside…2hrs 15minutes or 9 rides.

All 3 are headed out to Kings Island today to the water park.  Gotta love those season passes……………….

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