Posted by: Susan | June 9, 2011

Max the wonder dog gets a job.

Max has a job that requires no thought on his part. Everyday, three times a day, he begs for food while I am cooking and while we are eating. I have decided for his self-esteem he must do more with his life. His belly is almost on th ground and he needs to get out more.

Several Sunday’s ago a friend from church brought his dog who is now a certified therapy dog.  He was recruiting other families with dogs to become part of the program. Here comes an aha moment…I will sign up Max and the kids can go with me when he does his therapy gigs. He already attracts lots of attention every time we take him to the park. One look at those eyes and that belly make people melt. Stayed tuned for how this will actually play out. First we have to make sure we can find a therapy vest that will fit him!

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