Posted by: Susan | June 15, 2011

Change of plans

Yesterday was a gorgeous mild day so off we went to Kings Island for 3 hour morning ride fest.  Sam wanted to ride the Diamondback roller coaster (for the first time)  and like any good sister April made sure she put him in the VERY FRONT SEAT!

I literally prayed as the coaster started to climb up and up and up.  All I could think of was my baby being traumatized and OK maybe wetting his pants!  He got off and said, “I wanna go again” so he did.  We crammed 12 rides in so we moved fast.

Today I had a mini swim party planned.  We invited 2 friends and told everyone to pack a lunch and meet at our pool. I envisioned myself stretched out  in a lounge chair reading while the kids swam.  One little thing happened.  It started raining at 11a.m.!  We decided to move the party inside.  After lunch we showed a movie and then the kids just hung out. 

Oh yes, about the shirts.  Jacob C. had his on when we picked him up so April ran upstairs when she got home and put her’s on.

Movies on and I am off to find a lounge chair…..

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