Posted by: Susan | June 23, 2011


On the way home from getting my hair cut the Hunk called me on the phone.  “Where are you? he said.” ” I’m coming home from getting my hair cut, I replied.  Where are you?”  ” I am on my way home from Blue Ash Chili of course!” was his answer.  I then asked,” Why did you go to Blue Ash Chili?”  “Because when I called home April told me you wanted me to pick up pulled pork sandwiches for lunch!”  It was then that I realized that April had tricked her father into buying us all lunch.  Clever girl.I learned two things from this post.

1.  Down syndrome doesn’t keep April from being very clever and ‘workin it’ when it comes to her dad.

2.  I really need to learn how to use quotation marks.

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