Posted by: Susan | June 27, 2011

Learning to wait.

We all have learned how to wait.  Our kids with down syndrome need to learn this vital life skill too.  It doesn’t come overnight but it will come if you insist that they learn this skill.  It paid off when we went to our friend Drew’s wedding.  The back story is that Drew has been one of our helpers for about 3 years now.  He is awesome and I love it that my guys have a guy to hang with.

But back to the wedding.  They waited 40 minutes for a rain delay since the wedding was outside.  They waited while pictures were being taken.  They waited for their time at the buffet table.  They waited while the cake was cut.  They waited until it was time to dance. 

We all waited and enjoyed the people around us, the food and recounting the love story of Drew and Christine.


The funny thing about teaching our kids to wait is that we have to wait while they learn this skill.  Our kids were perfect at the wedding.  Hang in there.  If your kids are small they will learn how to wait as you daily teach and model this behaviour.

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