Posted by: Susan | June 29, 2011

A minor miracle.

Jake had diabetes and doesn’t like to eat bread.  Sam has Celiac disease and can’t eat bread made from wheat and a few other grains.  Mom has a bad attitude and is tired of planning meals around these diets.  OK, I don’t have a bad attitude most days about preparing so many different types of meals.  Today I decide I would take all 3 kids to Subway for lunch and see if I could satisfy the different diets and appetites.  April went through the line first with her Subway rewards card in hand and knew just what he wanted.  Jake balked at getting a kid’s meal but I wanted to try out a small sub first in case he wouldn’t eat it.  I love the fact that there is a picture of the different breads.  He chose roast beef, pointed to the Italian bread, ordered milk to drink and apple slices as his side.  He was thrilled with the Green Lantern reusable lunch bag with trading cards.  This was the minor miracle…he actually ate the sandwich!!!  Next Sam got in line.  No bread, no cheese, no vegetables, no apples…he only wanted the 2 very small pieces of roast beef that went along with the kid’s meal.  Hmmmm, $4 for 2 pieces of meat.   don’t   think   so!  I made him a gluten-free pizza at home:)

Life Lesson:  It’s amazing what will make a mother happy.  Eating a Subway sandwich can turn into a minor miracle.

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