Posted by: Susan | July 4, 2011

How we toured Washington DC in just 2 hours!

We have just arrived home after a fabulous 10 day vacation.  The first stop was Washington DC to see my son who is a Marine stationed there.  We arrived Thursday evening and had a late dinner and then an ice cream jaunt to Old Town Alexandria with Dan and Lindsey.More on big brother later.  The next morning we ate an early breakfast and debated whether to take the Metro into the city or our car.  The woman at the front desk said that since it was Friday there would be lots of on street parking.  The reason for this she told us was because many government workers take Friday off.  We left the hotel at 9:15 and by 9:55 Jim was making a U-turn in the middle of Constitution Ave. to get a parking space on the other side of the street.  Our spot was good for 3 hours and this is the view from where we parked.We weren’t quite sure where we were because of those wooden fences all over the mall.  Crossing at the next light we entered a maze of wooden fences that led to the World War II Memorial.  The memorial is breath-taking!  This memorial dedicated to the brave men and women of our country who fought for our freedom really spoke to me.  It showed the magnitude of the effort required to secure our freedom.  World War II took an uncle from me that I would never know.

The memorial is a circle with the Atlantic and Pacific campaigns on either side.  Around the outside of the circle are listed the 50 states.  After finding Ohio the kids decided to spell it out with their bodies and enlisted the Hunk to help.  I forgot to spell check before I took the picture and from Jim’s perspective it looked like Ohio was spelled correctly….not.Onward we went towards the Lincoln Memorial.  Did I mention that it was hot?  First we got to the Korean Memorial where they were having a ceremony for the 61st anniversary of the Korean War.  Dignitaries were everywhere and of course the Hunk introduced himself and the kids to one.

Next it was over to the Lincoln Memorial where only Sam would sprint up the steps.  The size of the memorial is amazing.  It was so important for me for the kids to see these national landmarks and our capitol.I love this picture.  April has a depth perception problem and Jim told her to hold onto his shoulder to go down the steep steps from the memorial.  The boys of course did the same.  Notice how the reflection pool is not there only mud where they are redoing it.  Our last stop was the Vietnam Memorial.  We gave Jim as much time as he needed to remember his friends that he had lost in the war.Because Jim was a Secret Service agent he knows his way around Washington.  He knew exactly what streets to take to give us a fabulous view of the White House.  On the way out-of-town we drove past the Capitol with cameras and phones taking pictures.

You might be wondering….why did they drive all that way and tour for only 2 hours???  We had a long day ahead of us.  Nine relatives from Maryland drove in to meet us at our hotel.  Eighteen of us went out to dinner and 15 of us went to the Marine Corps Sunset Parade that night.  We had to squeeze many thing into our one full day in DC.  April, Jake and Sam were just fine with our 2 hour tour and drive by picture-taking and so was I.

Happy 4th of July.  We are off to a neighborhood bike parade and picnic followed by a cookout tonight at our house.

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