Posted by: Susan | July 8, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

Yesterday was my birthday and it was one of the best ones ever.  I don’t know about in your house but in mine my kids tell everyone about my birthday.   April started the ball rolling by posting on her Facebook that it was my 40th birthday.  See why I love that girl so much?  The boys and I went down to the DSAGC in the morning to volunteer.  We were stuffing envelopes for a fund-raiser and learned when we got their it was for the National Down Syndrome Adoption Network.  Pretty cool since both boys were adopted! 

Next we stopped at the Bonbonerie for my cake and of course the boys told everyone it was my birthday.  After lunch and a movie that I chose (Nanny McPhee) we piled into the car again and dropped Jake off for “men’s day” with his friends.  Sam and I ran errands that included the farmers’s market where he told Michael the bread man and the Olive Oil Snob that it was my b’day.  Hey, I even got a free bag of spices from the Olive Oil Snob.

On to the car wash where Sam informed me that we were going to be attacked by a giant squid and rolled down the window to let a blast of air in as the car was drying.  He thought that was hilarious and I am sure he learned it from the Hunk.  Speaking of the Hunk, he came home and grilled pork chops for the big day and poured me a large glass of wine…  Meanwhile outside April told my neighbors who were passing by that it was my birthday.  They stopped in to wish me ‘HB’ and I invited them in for some garlic asiago bread and olive oil from the farmer’s market served with a glass of wine.  They in turn invited Jim and I over for a glass of wine after he came back from choir practice.  April sang Happy Birthday to me in sign language.  We had a fabulous dinner and off the Hunk went to practice with Sam!!!!! Two hours without Sam asking to play the Wii.  At 9p.m. we headed to the neighbors and had that glass of wine.  Yes, it was a very good 63rd birthday.


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