Posted by: Susan | July 11, 2011

Love at first sight.

Do you believe in love at first sight?  If you are a mother reading this I bet you do.  It hit me hard back in 1997 during one special day in July.  The director of the adoption agency walked in carrying Jacob.  He was 5 lbs something with a folded over ear and eyes squeezed shut.  He wasn’t asleep and the more we tried to coax him to open his eyes the harder he squeezed them to keep them closed.  That boy had my heart the minute he came into the room.  Fast forward to yesterday, July 10th,  his 19th birthday.  He was so excited that it was his birthday that he came downstairs at 6a.m. to tell me that he loved me and then went back to bed.  The day just kept getting better and better from there.

The entire congregation at church sang him happy birthday, we went out to lunch and then in the afternoon had a pool birthday party.  See what I mean….better and better.

On the way to the pool.

That’s Sam under the towel avoiding his picture-taking mom.

The youngest guest

It is so fun to watch Jake open presents because he gets so excited.  He received a copy of his favorite CD and movie and here is the reaction.

We weren’t done yet.  We took the left-over cake home to celebrate again with big sister and family.

Love at first sight…you just never know where it will take you!

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