Posted by: Susan | July 18, 2011

Way behind!

You know that your life is crazy when you are posting pictures of July 4th on July 18th!  Yes, we had a great day despite the fact that our older daughter and the Hunk had to take her dog to the emergency vet. clinic.  While they were there the kids and I, minus April who feels that she is to old to march, participated in our yearly neighborhood parade. 

It was a rainy day but some people came with their patriotic umbrellas while most of us just braved the raindrops.

Here is the Grand Marshal and Parade Organizer.  Notice the boom box in the basket that she played while we marched.  First a neighbor read part of the Pre-amble to the Constitution and then we all followed a police car and the Grand Marshal down the street and back…twice.

Oh yes, Max the Wonder dog marched too.

Ok, I admit it… that dog just makes me smile.

Later that day the Hunk grilled, we ate with the usual cast of characters and then those who wanted to walked up to watch the fireworks.

I am still behind and will probably not catch up with all that I had planned to do this summer.  I even thought that we could make pickles one day!  That might not happen but all in all we are having a pretty great summer.

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