Posted by: Susan | July 20, 2011

Elvis was spotted!

Yes, I will say it again, we have everything you could possibly want in Ohio.  Case in point…Elvis appeared last night on stage in beautiful Blue Ash and we were there.  The weather was perfect except for the 106 degree heat index.  Paper fans and water were provided.  Elvis came out in his full white body suit and performed non-stop for an hour. 

Fortunately the paramedics are available right next to the park at the fire house.  The good news is that we didn’t have to call them for Elvis!  April was hoping she would get a flower lei from Elvis and she did.  He believes in getting off the stage and into the crowd.

Some people danced and some people channeled Elvis with the curled up lip or pretend microphone.  A good time was had by all.  Frank Sinatra performed next but our kids wanted nothing to do with him so they walked home.  Meanwhile I got to hang around the park with my friends until we got rained out.  Another perfect night in wonderful Ohio………………………………!

Everyone loves looking at Elvis pictures.  OK, OK, one more Elvis picture for my faithful readers.


  1. I KNEW Elvis wasn’t dead…I just never thought to look for him in Ohio!

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