Posted by: Susan | July 27, 2011

Sneaking learning

We thought they were just going to the Virginia Aquarium to see the marine life but this aquarium has so much more.  I actually bought a membership to the aquarium because I knew we would be going at least twice and it would be cheaper just to join and get in as many times as we wanted.  The fun starts with the harbor seals in the tank at the entrance.

Once inside I was amazed at all the hands on learning opportunities there were.  The kids learned about soil erosion, the different periods of the earth’s formation, volcanoes, rocks and mineral, echolocation and shark anatomy and much more.

I loved the area of the aquarium that focused on dolphins and sharks.  We were able to see dolphins swimming at the beach daily on our vacation and now we could learn about them too.

What could be more fun than standing inside a sharks mouth???

I know..being inside a submarine.  I had to drag Sammy out of here.

Of course petting a sting-ray is pretty exciting too.  Sam was not sure he wanted to do this but April was loving it!

Even the exit was awesome!

See what I mean about sneaking learning?  So much more fun than reading about marine life in books.  The Hunk wasn’t with us.  He was visiting a from high school.  We met back up with him when we were done and then went out to lunch.

The best part was that we got 10% of the entire bill because…………… I’m a member of the Virginia Aquarium.


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