Posted by: Susan | July 31, 2011

Progress- watching my guy with down syndrome grow up.

Sometimes in the day-to-day scheme of things you don’t notice that your child is growing both physically and mentally.  Case in point…Sam.  I decided to hang his long pants on hangers and when I took them out of his drawer I realized that they are all to short.  Hey, when did that happen?  I mean they fit in May.  Also I have noticed his attention span is getting longer and he’s more focused.  He actually likes to put those Legos together.  Here is where I am going with this.  Last week I blogged that Jake got sick and had to stay home from camp.  We decided to send Sam without his brother and it was a blessing in disguise for several reasons.

Sam in the yellow shirt. Just one of the group...yes!

Reason 1:   Sam left on Sunday and Monday night, surprise, I started getting sick.  Jim was scheduled to work the next 5 days, April was going to be at Starfire so that left only Jake (Mr. Easy) home with me.  I was able to drag myself out of bed to make his meals and at the end of the week he was well enough to go to the pool by himself giving me time to sleep, sleep, sleep.  It would have been much harder with Sam home.

Reason 2:  I was convinced that camp would be calling for us to pick up Sam.  He is use to doing everything with his brother and has never spent a night without him.  No one called from camp.  When Jim picked him up the counselor said it was great that Sam came by himself because they got to know him so much better.  Usually he just does what his brother wants to do.  He made lots of new friends at the camp.  Nine girls lined up to tell him good-bye when he left.

Sam at the camp talent show!

Reason 3:  Sam is the kind of guy that can lose 3 pairs of shoes inside our house on the same day!  When I packed for camp I was really thinking I would probably never see most of his clothes or shoes again.  I even packed his new $40 water shoes!  Oh my, all of the shoes made it home.  This is growth.  He can take care of his stuff.

It is great to have Sam home.  My guy is growing up and just when I thought he was in a holding pattern he starts to soar to new heights.  Funny what makes a mom happy………………………


If you live in Ohio you have got to think about sending your child here next year Camp Campbell Gard.   There is a cabin for kids with special needs.  That just means that there is a higher counselor to camper ratio.  The kids are included in everything.

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