Posted by: Susan | August 7, 2011

Scrabble, Life and Down syndrome

The Hunk and I have been playing Scrabble every Sunday for about a month now.  It just occurred to me that life is like Scrabble.  You play the letters you draw and do the best you can.  Sometimes you get great letters and super places to play them and other times you are stuck with all vowels! Sometimes someone even sneaks a non-word onto the board without you noticing.  Today I got good letters……………

The best part was that I was able to connect my quar with a k that the Hunk had played.  And that is how it is with life.  Wham, your child is born with down syndrome….how are you going to play those letters?  Or your child gets diagnosed with diabetes, celiac disease or just fill in the blank with what your child has.  How are you going to play those letters?  Here is how I’m going to play them.  I am going to hook my letters up to any good words already on the board.  I am going to use what everyone else has learned or is doing with their child with DS  that gives me the biggest, if you’ll pardon the analogy, score.  Sometimes  I will have a lousy score but other times I will score BIG.  It all seems to even out if I just keep playing.  Discouragement comes but just keep playing on the letters that are already on the board!

Side note:  I beat the Hunk!

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