Posted by: Susan | August 10, 2011

An Inclusion Story

It seems very quiet here.  Jacob finally left for camp on Monday (a day late) after he started his second round of antibiotics.  Sam and I are the only two home during the day this week.  Yesterday we took our next door neighbor teenage boy with us to see the movie Zoo Keeper.  Awesome movie that both teens loved.  By the time everyone got home from work and school we were in a time crunch before the next activity started so the Hunk suggested we go out to dinner to City Barbeque.  See why I think this guy is great?

Really the inclusion part of this story is coming at the most unlikely place.  At City BBQ you serve yourselves drinks.  Sam got up to get a refill and when I looked over at the machine it was surrounded by a large group of teen boys.  My 5 feet tall guy swaggered over to the group and greeted them.  Some of the guys just looked at him like he had 2 heads and then the crowd parted and a guy said, “Hi Dude.  Remember me from cooking class?”  Now he got the crowd approval.  Now he was part of the pack.  They talked for a minute and then Sam headed back to the table with a big smile on his face.  Inclusion is not just about being included in your neighborhood school in regular classrooms.  Inclusion allows our kids to be recognized and become part of the community.

After dinner it was off to Starfire to make cards for soldiers.  Sam sang and played the air drums  all the way there and back.

Check out my daughter’s blog today,Let’s Talk Down Syndrome, for some excellent resources from her presentation at the National Down Syndrome Convention: workshop slides, workshop resources and an article, Speech Stimulation for Parents by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Speech Pathology.

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