Posted by: Susan | August 11, 2011


It has been a strange week with only Sam home during the day while Jake is at camp.I can tell by the  photos on the camp website that he is having a blast.  Yes, he goes on the zip line too.  My days have been spent keeping Sam occupied and moving.  This morning we took Max the Wonder Dog on a long walk and after lunch we headed to the zoo.  Did I mention that the weather was in the high 70’s so most people in Cincinnati decided to go to the zoo too.  First stop, as always, is at the rhino statues where Sam tries to get on top of the large rhino.  He hasn’t done it yet but he is making progress.

Then it was on to run through the mister.  You know the thing that blows out mist and looks like fog.  I know we are supposed to be looking at the animals but just wait.

I had remembered to bring change so Sam could smash imprint a penny with the picture of vampire bats.

The thing I love about the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens, besides the animals and flowers, is that it requires lots of walking and is hilly.  I always feel like I get a good work out and so do the kids.  So down hill we went to the Bird Show.

Then it was uphill to watch the gorillas get fed.  Sam loved these guys especially since we had just seen the movie Zoo Keeper.

This is the silverback gorilla.  The guy in charge that everyone steers clear of.  Mr. Cool of the ape world.  This is my Mr. Cool…Sam.

Continuing uphill we saw the elephant show,  grabbed a snack, visited the gift shop and headed out for the long walk back to the car.  Yes, the snake was inside the gift shop and I let Sam buy an African drum so he won’t have to play an air drum in the car.

After the zoo we were off to Starfire U. to pick up April.  April’s nails look like this after her manicure yesterday.

Sam is the kind of kid that would rather run than walk.  He gets up early and never falls asleep in the car.  I have nicknamed him Super Sam and the Energizer Bunny.   Just before I picked up April I looked over and found Sam………………….asleep!  I had worn out Super Sam.  Forget Captain America and Spiderman.  They have either had their bodies altered by a spider bite or some machine.  I have only had my body altered by pregnancy and years of parenting and I still wore out Sam.  I am doing the dance of joy here.

Must Document This!


  1. Such great pictures..and thanks for the comment about the boyfriend…

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