Posted by: Susan | August 15, 2011

Eat, Play, Love

We snagged free tickets to the Reds game for Sunday (thank you Mr. Synder for donating the tickets and Janet for thinking of us).  We got to the ball park early to eat lunch.  I wanted to check out all the fine dining spots and after spending $80 for food we found the perfect table.

Yes, the guy next to April is clutching a  broom.  I thought he was a janitor until I was writing this post and realized that he and his buddy had brought brooms to the ball park hoping that the Reds would win the game.  Baseball lingo for that is ‘a clean sweep’.  Why didn’t I drag my broom to the game?  Onward to find our seats.  I was praying that they wouldn’t be in the nose bleed section where I refuse to move or stand up for the entire game fearing a fall into the stands below.  Our seats were on the lower level with a bathroom right behind us as well as a beer booth.  Now this is an ideal location and I immediately asked the Hunk to buy me a beer.

We were so early and so close to the infield that April and Jake were able to go down and watch the pre-game festivities.  They even got to get up close to the mascots.  Meanwhile I checked out the views and discovered a BBQ restaurant. ” Jim would you mind getting us a BBQ sandwich to split.”  Really he ate most of it.

Jake returning to his seat for the start of the game.

Let the play begin.

That’s grandson Henry with son-in-law Pete next to April and Jake.  But where are Sam and the Hunk?

We did not buy a hot dog from this perfectly dressed hot dog guy.  Our food total was approaching $100 so Jim and Sam went to stand in the $1.00 hot dog line.   While they were gone the Reds hit their only home run and scored their only runs.  Yep, they missed it.

The game was so much fun.  I especially loved the 7th inning stretch where we all sang America the Beautiful to honor those serving in the Armed Services.  After that we locked arms, sang and swayed to Take Me Out the Ball Game.

We love going to the game.  There is such an energy in the air.  We had a few more photo ops as we left the park.What are the kids holding?  It was a give away day and they each got a Reds binder, pencil bag, pencils and a stat sheet on Jay Bruce.  The perfect give away for back to school.  My guys were thrilled.

Does it really matter that the final score was Reds 3, Padres 7 and that guy at the beginning of my post didn’t get to use his broom?  We came and accomplished what we set out to do… Eat, Play and Love being  at the game.

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