Posted by: Susan | August 17, 2011

Our kids with down syndrome change lives.

When I titled this “our kids” I am referring not only to mine but yours too.  Let me tell you what happened when I picked Jake up last Friday from camp. Cabin 6 B is for kids with special needs.  It just means there is a higher ration of counselors to kids  but they are included in all the camp activities.  Jake couldn’t wait for me to meet his counselors.  They are the ones with the purple t-shirts.  It’s hard to tell them from the campers.

Rachel (the counselor standing next to Jake with long brown pants on) was the counselor that carried all Jake’s diabetes supplies around all day.  She also made sure he checked his blood, calculated his carbohydrate count at meals and took him to the nurse for his insulin shots.  In other words she was me for the week.  This is a 24/7 job and Rachel did an awesome job.  She was his counselor last year too and it was a comfort knowing that she had done all of his diabetes stuff before.

Jake getting his tie dye project before he left.

And here is a picture of Robin Hood.  I had heard about Robin Hood from Sam when he had gone to camp several weeks earlier.

Robin Hood has his nickname because he was from England.  He came from England to work at Camp Campbell Gard for the summer.  He did not ask to be assigned to the cabin for kids with special needs it just happened.  Robin, sorry I really don’t know his other name, said it changed his life!  Because of this one summer he was changing his major at school and was going to study to become a teacher for kids with special needs.  Our kids change lives.  Most people have preconceived ideas about what our kids are like.  That all changes when they spend time with them.  Thanks Robin Hood for a great camp experience for my boys and for the people you will help back in England.

Ten minutes after I left the camp I turned around to ask Jake a question and saw this.I love summer camp!


  1. Hi,

    I was just linked this by a fellow counsellor at CCG this summer and it has made my day! I just wanted to post to say a huge thank you to you for your kind words and to Jake and Sam for being absolutely great and making my summer extra special!

    As you mentioned, I am changing my degree and have been placed so will be starting that in September! Before that I will be back at CCG for the summer camp in cabin 6 and I am planning on being back at CCG for many summers to come!

    Look forward to seeing you and the boys again!

    Robin Hood (Colin!)

  2. This is a great posting Susan, and is just too true! Really enjoyed both Sam and Jake while at camp this past summer, they were a joy to have around. Cabin 6 was truly my favorite cabin to spend time with and the kids have taught me so much. As a nurse I was trained to do my best to be open-minded and these campers enforced that so much and I can’t wait to come back next summer (if my other job will allow it). Hope to see you and the boys there!

    Nurse Sam

    • It was so great to hear from you! I hope you will be back too. Merry Christmas!


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