Posted by: Susan | August 19, 2011

Alpha Dog at the Zoo

Last week I took kids to the zoo twice.  Give me a membership card and a cool morning and I’m there.  One little glitch was that it was Saturday, the second time we went, but I knew we would get their early and avoid the crowds.  I was wrong.  Saturdays seem to be the day of choice for families with young children in strollers.

Sam and Jake were tired when we got there but I pushed on thinking they will wake up after a brisk walk around the zoo.

We waited 15 minutes for a sea lion show that never happened but we did get to watch the zoo keepers clean their pool.

I know what will wake the guys up.  We will go see the penguins at the Children’s Zoo.  The closest entrance was through the gift shop where Jake insisted I take a picture of this large snake.

The penguins were no where to be found but we were able to pet…

this guy and this guy……….and finally these guys.We also met a new friend at the zoo.  His name is Matt and he has volunteered at the zoo since October 1999.  Matt made my day.  He told me about all that he does as a volunteer and it was obvious he loves his job.It was starting to get hot and the strollers were really taking over the zoo now.  The boys were still tired but  I knew just the thing to pick them up.  The giant mister!Sam refused to go in.  He had done the giant mister on Tuesday and could have cared less.  Jake loved it.A mother knows how to get her kids excited.  “Do you want to go to the Night Hunters exhibit?”  Sam replied, “No!”  We went anyway and were greeted by empty strollers lined up outside the entrance.  Fastest trip ever through that exhibit.  Sam was happy because he got to see the vampire bats drink what they drink, blood.  Outside we saw this gorgeous cougar.By this time it seemed like the only one interested in the zoo was me.  Since I have many parenting tricks up my sleeve I decided to play my ace in the hole.  “Who wants french fries?”  Immediately the boys perked up as we headed up the hill to buy  fries.  It revived them.  But what’s this?The zoo now serves wine on the weekends starting at 11:30 AM!  I might have to revise my arrival schedule. Unfortunately we were getting ready to leave the zoo so I did not buy a glass of Merlot.

Now Sam is awake and taunting his brother by showing off his abs but just you wait Sam the ultimate test of strength is still to come.  You might remember this picture from my last zoo post.Sam is still not able to master the……………………..Rhino Climb!Jake rocks the “Rhino Climb.”  Notice the double peace signs.  Jake is still the Alpha Dog!

Have a great weekend.  I am going to arrive at the zoo at exactly 11:30 on Saturday and head right for the wine booth located conveniently near the entrance.

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